Adria was born in Manhattan and then ripped away to suburban New Jersey for rearing. She spent most of her youth as a competitive gymnast and still has nightmares about being yelled at in Croatian by her coaches. 

After forcing her brother to pretend to be having an affair with their cousin in an early film, Adria's parents let her go to a liberal arts college in tropical western NY (Hobart & William Smith, cum laude, baby!). It was there that she majored in English and minored in Dance and Theatre. She learned how to make impactful political art, analyze literary works, and do keg stands. She's taken all these skills into the real world.

Adria has lived in Los Angeles since 2010. Her pilot script, Mama Said was a second-rounder at Austin Film Festival and is a fresh take on a mob show from a queer female perspective. Her writing has been described as "crossing genres but singular in focus", "dialogue was pretty close to pitch-perfect", and "not a chore to read."

When not writing, Adria is directing short films, producing indie film, and teaching alignment-based yoga. Or cooking. She spends a lot of time cooking.

You should reach out to her about writing, directing, producing or yoga. She's good at it all. Don't reach out about cooking. She'll do that for you if you hire her.